Monday, September 04, 2006

House cleaning and dorm-move-in

So i moved back to Brooklyn today. I went to Brooklyn Heights, ate for free, courtesy of my friend at Pace, and once again realized how amazing of a neighborhood it is. I found "Love Lane" and the charming wallgreens pharmacy on the corner of it (i think it was wallgreens and i will soon take a picture of the intersection and post it). There's so much going on in that little neighborhood that I actually considered changing the topic of my blog. But i won't. I'll just mention BK heights a hole lot.

Other than that the crocodile hunter died. I was never a huge fan, but it sucks that he died being stung by a stupid sting-ray.

BK heights guide cooming soon...

Agassi lost at the Open and the Mets are amazing once again.

I see the Empire State Building and the Williamsburg bridge from my room. It's sick.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So just like I have stated in a previous blog entry, people want to see me, party with me, hang out with me right before I move back to school. I just want to start school, mind my problems there(there will be plenty of)... But no, last weekend here, I have to go out with everyone, everynight.... i dont even want to write about this anymore, i dont know why I even started. Bye!


Sports are great... Two days ago I watched Agassi vs. Pavel. I'm not a big fan of tennis or anything, which is going to help me make my point here even more. There's just something about sports. Yesterday I wanted to see Maria Sharapova play, just because she's hot but because of the rain delay i got stuck with last year's Agassi vs. Blake. Well, i thought I was "stuck" with that but it was really the most amazing tennis match I have ever seen. I realized that what made it good wasn't so much the skill of the players. Well maybe indirectly. But what made this match incredible was the heart and the determination these players showed. If it wasn't for the tie break the match should have ended in a tie!
So that's what I figured out. It isn't the sport or the skill but the will and determination that make sports great. And another story of will and determination: my hometown soccer team in Romania, UT Arad defeated the last year runner-ups and UEFA Cup surprise FC Rapid Bucharest by a score of 1-0.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Big Deal and its problems

So Bruce Ratner and Forest City Ratner Companies are trying to get this proposed 22 acre site which includes an 18,000 seat arena and 16 high-rise buildings, including up to 6,860 residential units, built over the Atlantic Railroad yards in Brooklyn. This seems like a great idea. It will raise the quality of living of the area, reduce crime, bring in a lot of revenue for the borough and city, bring another sports team to the city. The area's residents are concerned that it will cause traffic and destroy the "charm" of Brooklyn. The only charming parts of Brooklyn are Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and maybe Park Slope. The way I see it, the residents should be content that Ratner is improving the neighborhood and building middle-income housing and bringing jobs to the area. The project is however facing a lot of hostility and opposition and is being pushed back. The only people who should have a problem with this whole thing are the one's who are being moved out of their appartments where the construction will take plans. As far as I understand the developer is offering generous sums of money for these locals to move out. So PLEASE, leave me comments and tell me where the problem with this whole project lies.... Thanks

First Semester or "Round1, a must win..."

All over the country, college students are returning or preparing to return to their universities. Because you are reading FhursdayNight I will talk a bit about thursdays. For freshmen thursdays will be "the party night". The more seasoned college students should have by now gotten over the "thursday night fever". The only people who go out on this day are the freshmen who are overly excited about partying and whom haven't realized that the quality party-goers are coming out Friday night. They will learn...
Anyway, have fun with move in days and all of that. People will try to hang out with you two days before you leave. They will pull you in 30 different directions. Get through it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fhursday? FhursdayNight!

Here we go... I wanted to make a blog called Fhursday, but someone in Nashville already took care of doing that. So here you have FhursdayNight.
What is Fhursday you ask? A combination of the two college party nights: Thursday and Friday. However the blog is not about (just) parties but about NYC events and college life in the city. So if you are a college student in the city this is the blog you should be reading... Remember that, whatever it takes: bookmark, post-it, favorites, human memory.... whatever.